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The TMJ Spa is your one-stop solution to all the aches and pains related to TMJ and TMD.

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Botox injections can offer much needed relief from painful TMJ disorders.

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Correct diagnosis.

The first step for anyone with potential TMJ is correct diagnosis.

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The temporomandibular joints (“TMJ”) encompass both jaw joints and related muscles of the head, neck, and shoulder muscles essential for the movement of our jaws. These components play a vital role in crucial functions like chewing, swallowing, and speaking. Within each TMJ, a cushioned disc (cartilage) resides between the ball and socket on both sides of the jaw, contributing to their functioning. If the jaws are out of alignment, it can cause a popping or clicking feeling inside the TMJ.

Many patients complain of their jaw locking open or closed, and having a crunching or grinding feeling when they open or close their mouth. Some patients feel like they have an earache or even stuffy ears because of the proximity of the TMJ to the ear canal. On occasion, patients have a feeling of pain in their sinuses or even toothaches, with no apparent infections that could be causing these symptoms. Only a multi-specialty approach of diagnosing and correctly treating these symptoms is by far the best long-term solution to this myriad of symptoms associated with TMJ Disorders.

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The TMJ Spa services include: doctor directed jaw aligners (oral mouthpieces); manipulation of the jaw; massage therapy of the head, neck, shoulders, and upper back; prescription medications (steroids, NSAIDs, muscle relaxers); trigger point injections using long-acting anesthetics (Exparel, ZYNRELEF); injections of muscle relaxers (Botox, Dysport, Xeomin); and rehydration through IV infusion and nutritional supplements.

Administering injections into problematic muscles can provide essential pain relief and better TMJ function for individuals suffering from distressing TMJ disorders. By precisely injecting prescription medications directly into the muscles associated with the TMJ problem (inducing a controlled level of muscle anesthesia and/or paralysis), these muscles can gradually relax and unwind. This procedure offers individuals a valuable respite from incapacitating TMJ disorders.


All TMJ Spa services are supervised by our Medical Director, Dental Director, and Spa Director. All are state licensed physicians, dentists, nurses, and massage therapists.


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Patient Testimonials

I had a quick and smooth visit…Dr.Jeri is extremely knowledgeable and listened when I spoke…not many drs trust you if you say I know my body and this is what’s going on….Dr.Jeri listened to me..I truly appreciated that!!!! Of course she did her dr thing…in the end though, I was heard, and we are working towards fixing my tmj issue…

Jen L.

So thankful they listened to me about my jaw pain and helped me the same day I came in! No one else would listen to me

Hollie A.

I received excellent care from the Office of Dr. Carter. He explained everything so I could understand the process of “fixing” my TMJ problem. Everyone so pleasant.

Patty G.

TMJ Spa’s approach is spot-on. My jaw clicking has lessened, and I couldn’t be happier. TMJ Spa is the go-to for anyone struggling with TMJ discomfort.

Ryan K.

TMJ Spa’s treatments are a game-changer. My jaw feels better than it has in years. The knowledgeable staff provided me with comprehensive information about the treatment process, making me feel at ease.

Amanda T.

TMJ Spa’s Botox injections are the real deal. I’ve experienced a significant reduction in discomfort. It’s incredible how something as simple as a treatment can have such a transformative impact.

Emily G.

Finding TMJ Spa was a game-changer. Their approach to TMJ relief through Botox is a real solution. I was amazed by their knowledge and attention to detail during my treatment sessions. TMJ Spa has truly improved my quality of life.

Lisa H.

Finding TMJ Spa was a game-changer. Their approach to TMJ relief through Botox is a real solution.

Chris W.

I can’t thank TMJ Spa enough for easing my jaw pain. The injections have given me newfound comfort.

Sarah M.

TMJ Spa turned my jaw discomfort into pure relief. Their Botox treatments have made a remarkable difference in my daily life

Alex D.